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Horse boarding or horse retirement is not just having the horse clean and fed, but involves much more. It's about making the horse's life as easy, pleasant and natural as possible so that they will always be in the best physical  and mental condition, which will influence their character and behavior decisively and therefore also within us.

Therefore, a horse boarding or retirement must take into account a number of important factors that will influence the overall welfare of our horses:

-Accommodation: The horse can live in freedom with the herd, in paddocks or enclosed in boxes. At Cavalls Wakan, all our horses live in the wild, in herds and in harmony.

-Feeding: Should be varied, complete and balanced in terms of the horse and its activity, age or sex. A foal is not the same as a pregnant mare or a trail horse.

-Caregivers: They are the key for horse welfare, they care for everyday riding, are the first to detect any physical
or character abnormality  while providing love and care.

-Facilities: round pen, track work,
horse shower  ...

-Veterinarians and other professionals: Having a good veterinary is basic to horse health monitoring and rapid response to any emergency. Other services may be transporting horses, barefoot professionals, equine dentists, etc. ..

At Cavalls Wakan we provide the best possible care for horses with love and as tenderness  to keep them healthy.  Working to offer the best service at the best price, always with the highest quality and all our love for horses.


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