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Horses Accommodation

Horses Accommodation

Speaking of the housing of the horses, we refer to the place where they live and physical environment. This will greatly influence the character of our horses are herd animals with a social structure very clearly defined that are very deep and lasting ties if living conditions allow.

At Cavalls Wakan we are committed to they live in freedom, by far the best choice for any horse. The horse lives in groups with other horses, socializing and interacting while performing always gentle exercise to continuously scroll through the water, the food, looking for the sun or shade or just playing with others in large spaces.

In Cavalls Wakan manage over 100 acres of meadows, forests and pastures, where horses live in herds and complete freedom in fenced fields, with access control and dayly supervision.Free access to grass, salt and fresh water, supplementing with hay itself, and other feed supplements when necessary, always optimally distributed for exercise moving from one place to another.

The horses live in herds composed of related individuals, young foals, mares with foal ... so enjoy good company, socializing and interacting, basic look for full emotional development. They are social and gregarious animals, they need physical contact and bonding, forming strong ties.

Elsewhere there are other horses accommodation options, although we do not share:

-In box or blocks, where the horse remains locked without freedom of movement or just relationship with other horses. Blocks may be very large, clean and sunny, but they are still a prison for an animal that has evolved in the Great Plains, in large spaces, living in packs and free. In Cavalls Wakan never discourage this option provide maximum comfort to the horse. Only the horse should enclose in rare cases.

-In paddocks, fenced areas is abroad, preferably with a cover-up, where the horse can live alone or together with any other partner. The horse will be much better than in box, more relaxed, with more freedom of movement and relationship with other horses. Although the horse is still confined and did not quite fully developed.

-In semi-freedom, this is usually a combination of the previous two, the horse is during the day in paddock and at night in a box. It seems us a very abstract concept because freedom it's full or it is not.


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