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Horses caregivers

Horses caregivers

Caregivers are an essential part of dealing with our horses, some people define handling horses between an art and a science, in Cavalls Wakan believe that the treatment and management of horses is a feeling.

Horses speak directly to the heart, mind and soul, helping to improve the perception of ourselves and therefore our perception of the universe. When a horse touches our lives, the experience is so brutal that life will never be the same. We treat every day with horses are in a constant process of evolution.

Horses are by far bigger, faster and stronger than us, so it is essential that good management and good costumbres.In Cavalls Wakan always treat them without screaming, without shock and without abuse, with good manners, common sense and consistency. You have to be patient and calm, steady and friendly, but firm and clear understanding of their worldview always, try to talk his language. We are professionals with years of experience in treat with horses and always learning from them and other professionals to offer all this knowledge and live in harmony horses and people.

Caregivers, being in constant contact with the horses, we live with them, we create very deep relationships, so that behavioral disturbances that can be caused by disease, injury or upset by something immediately detected, so can quickly implement measures preventive or curative appropriate to each case and every moment.

In Cavalls Wakan guides are also riding with qualifications and experience, so if you want we can offer a number of routes in the area, or if you prefer to go alone with your horse will gladly indicate routes and ways to enjoy the superb surroundings of the Pyrenees .


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