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Horses installations.

Horses installations.

In addition to Cavalls Wakan fields for horses, we have facilities for our clients, horses and owners.

Large bright estabular block to the horse if necessary, to have it ready to saddle, a mare to give birth if you do not want to abroad, for veterinary treatment or for whatever might be needed. Located in our own home, so that the horse was stabled constant vigilance and attention.

Next to the stables can find horses shower, the saddle room and a covered area where you can take the horse tied up, or not, to prepare for the ride, for treatment or care or whatever suits.

We also have some outdoor paddocks of different measures, whether to have the horse in a smaller space and close. As can be in any treatment cures need several day or rest and little movement. Or simply when a horse comes back a few days and should be quarantined and twinning with a veteran who will be the one that will introduce his new flock without problems.

In Cavalls Wakan can also use our sturdy round pen 20m. in diameter and a height of 1.65 m. A round pen has multiple uses, foals iniciation , horses warm, controlled ride or waiting room of the horses. The door can be opened inwards or outwards so that it is also useful for loading horses into a trailer.
Next find the rectangular track of 40m x 20m and we can use at stud, training, or as paddock ocasional.It has different accessories, tranqueo bars, cones, a pallet and water for the horses.

All located in Montcortès, a quiet cattle town of Lleida Pyrenees, with many roads, routes and tours for you and your horse.

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