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Veterinary and other services

Veterinary and other services

In Cavalls Wakan we work with the best veterinarians and professionals, always ready to go in an emergency with the best equipment and support so that our horses are always safe and protected from disease and injury.

In Cavalls Wakan we trust our
horses health to  V3 Equip Veterinari,  horses equine specialists who have years of experience and provides all the services of equine medicine.
From analytical x-rays, ultrasounds, inseminations, to surgical interventions following a strict protocol preoperative, operative and postoperative ensuring a good recovery.
After years of relationship between Cavalls Wakan and the vet, there is a clear and precise communication in everything related to the history, symptoms and data obtained from observation and physical examination of the horse treated, so they receive at all times the best possible care.

It is advisable to follow a regular schedule of vaccinations and deworming. We advise to vaccinate horses within equine influenza and tetanus once a year after the first vaccination and deworming annually  2 times at least, with different products depending on the season, including a probiotic administered after recovery of the intestinal flora.

In Cavalls Wakan maintain contact with multiple equine professionals, so we can always refer you to professionals of other services that may be of interest, as a specialist in the care and maintenance of the hull in barehoof or an equine dentist.
We all know that no foot no horse, so the hoof care is very important. In Cavalls Wakan follow the principles of barehoof, with regular maintenance of the hoof.
Very important is also the regular review of the mouth, especially in horses and in years since teething problems can significantly affect the quality of life of the horse.

We also are going to transport your horse with maximum comfort and safety while minimizing the stress of riding, both during travel and when loading and unloading.

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