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Boarding rates and conditions.

Boarding rates and conditions.

Basic Boarding includes:

Free life in the herd with all the grass of the meadows.

- Extra hay on demand when necessary.

-Clean, fresh water always.

-Salt-mineral blocks on demand.

-All our care and love for their welfare.

-Basic boarding: 160 / month

-Pasture boarding with two daily servings of grain: 225 €/month

-Single days boarding: 10 / day horse

-Worming 2 times a year (spring and fall): 30 / deworming.



-Grain or feed-extra day 2 servings: 65 / month

-Worming extras (winter-summer): 30 / deworming

-Veterinary-Cures: 10 / day

-Horse working (ride it):

    · Session loose 1h: 25

    · 1 session per week: 80 / month

    · More than 1 session per week: check.

-Other extras like hoofs care, veterinary visits, dentist, etc: check

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